You will now see 2 different designs of our Homepage,
after seeing both please vote for the design you like best!

FYI: These are design ideas and prototypes; some features may not work and placeholders may be used; Please vote for the design that feels right for you.

AB-Testing FAQ

At the end of each Page you will find a blue bar like the one above leading you to the next step:

In this case you would click on the “Go to Voting” bar ->

We wanted to see which design of our website visitors liked better, because we couldn’t decide which one to use.

That is the problem that started this test. We know it might be hard, but please decide on one of the designs.

We are always open to suggestions! You can simply submit your idea through our contact form.

If you see empty boxes or big spaces between items, maybe some things could not load; please make sure you accepted all our cookies.